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Rob Doyle

Founder & President, Rob Doyle

There are thousands of third party logistics service providers (3PLs) operating in the US. Doyle Distribution was founded to create that missing element you’re looking for: an agile, responsive logistics team that can optimize performance now and sync with you to anticipate and position for what your market will demand next.

We’re honest. We’re capable. And we believe in hard work.

Founder & President Rob Doyle served in the US Marine Corps, and is committed to giving back to the US Military, which instilled strong values and skills. You will meet veterans on our team serving you!

Rob managed packaging and distribution operations in his career, worked for large and small service providers. Knows the tools, the right technologies for the job. And has made a real difference in improving processes and logistics performance of respected consumer goods, food and beverage and industrial manufacturing clients, too.

Rob Doyle serves as the 2015-2016 Chairman of the International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA). Appropriately, this is the year the organization celebrates 125 years with a motto of ‘Just Getting Started!’ Rob has served on the Board of Directors for the IWLA since 2007 and remains involved in other leading industry associations such as CSCMP, APICS and WERC as well. He is an alumnus of Georgia State University and passionate about serving the US Southeast as a leading third party logistics provider with a fresh, modern approach!

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